About Chatswood Private Hospital

Chatswood Private Hospital is the new standard-bearer for eye, ear, nose, throat and facial surgeries.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, precision instrumentation and specialist nursing and support staff attracts Australia’s leading eye, ear, nose and throat surgeons who choose us, knowing that their patients will receive the best of care.

Fees and Payments

  • It’s important that you check with your health fund, prior to your admission, on the following:
    Identify whether your level of health fund cover adequately covers the cost of your procedure and hospital accommodation.
  • Identify whether an excess is payable for your admission, and if so, the amount.
  • If you have been a member of your health fund for less than 12 months, your fund may not accept liability for the costs of your admission if your condition or any symptoms of your condition existed prior to your joining your health fund. In these cases, your health fund has the right to obtain details regarding these symptoms from your GP or specialist consultant.
  • If you are a member of a health fund, the hospital will conduct an eligibility check to establish your level of cover and any payable excesses. It is the patient’s responsibility to disclose health fund details to us.
  • Prostheses (artificial surgical items used during procedures such as intraocular lenses or viscoelastic fluids) are fully covered by your health fund.
  • Your Doctor will also advise you of their fees for your surgery.
  • For insured patients, our admission staff will be in contact with you to inform you of any estimated costs. You will be asked to sign a claim form and the hospital will then lodge a claim with your health fund.

For uninsured patients or insured patients with an excess, accounts are to be paid on your admission to the hospital.

All patients will be asked to sign a document stating that they are responsible for their accounts and costs associated with their admission.

Cost estimates, as part of our informed financial consent to you, are based on information provided to us by your Doctor prior to your admission. Occasionally, these costs may alter due to variations in the actual treatment given to you. You will be informed of any additional charges at discharge or as soon as any variations to your quoted treatment are detected. An invoice will then be forwarded to you.

We accept cash, EFTPOS and credit card.

Veterans’ Affairs patients must provide the hospital with their Gold Card number and bring the card at time of admission to the hospital.

Doctors, specialists, and anaesthetists will send you separate accounts not to be paid here at the hospital.

If pathology is taken while in our care, you will receive a separate account from the pathology provider.


Day of Surgery

Doctors’ Orders – please follow any pre-admission instructions given by your doctor.


  • Take your regular medication on the day of your procedure with a sip of water, unless otherwise instructed.
  • If taking fluid tablets (diuretics) omit on morning of procedure.
  • If you are a diabetic and your procedure is in the morning have a late supper and omit insulin or diabetic tablets on the day of surgery. If the procedure is in the afternoon, take half your normal dose of morning insulin, omit diabetic tablets and have an early breakfast, then follow the general fasting rules. Bring your insulin and/or your diabetic medications with you to the Hospital.
  • For patients taking Diamox tablets – please follow your ophthalmic surgeon’s instructions.
  • If you are an asthmatic and use puffers, bring them with you to the Hospital.

What to Wear

  • Loose and comfortable clothing, preferably with short sleeves.
  • Shower and wash your hair the day of or before procedure.
  • Do not wear make-up or nail polish.
  • Leave all valuables and jewellery at home – you may wear your wedding ring.

Parking and Collection

We have six 10-minute pick-up and drop-off bays in the basement parking underneath the hospital, accessible via a ramp from Albert Ave. An intercom at the ramp provides access to the basement. Carers may drive down the ramp, park their vehicle and then take the lift up to our reception area where they can leave their patient.
Carers can then park at the Westfield car park on Albert Avenue next door to the hospital for two hours for free, or three hours free with shopping centre validation.
Our nursing staff will call the carer when their patient is ready for collection. They can then park in the basement car park 10-minute bays and take the lift up to collect their patient.
For disabled patients or those using wheelchairs, we can arrange courtesy parking before your admission. A wheelchair is available at all times.
For your convenience a business card sized map showing the location of the hospital, address, contact details, admission date/time and approximate pick up time is provided within this admission package to give to your relative/carer to facilitate your drop off and collection.

Patients’ Relatives, Friends and Carers

If accompanying a patient to the Hospital you may wait in our comfortable lounge, which offers refreshments, relaxing music, television and reading material, including the daily newspapers. Shopping in the area has become a popular way for relatives and carers to entertain themselves whilst waiting for the patient to be discharged. Or alternatively, we will ring when the patient is ready to go home.

What to Bring

  • Any relevant forms that you may still have for the Chatswood Private Hospital.
  • Your fund card will only be required if you have not supplied your fund details.
  • Results of any relevant tests completed prior to admission.

What to expect


  • Our friendly receptionists will finalise your admission and account as well as other necessary details on your arrival at the hospital.
  • Nursing staff will take your medical history and ask any relevant questions including covering any discharge requirements.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality is retained and respected at all times.
  • Chatswood Private Hospital is very proud of our approach to patient-centred care.