Cataract assessment consultation

You should allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours to complete your visit. It is a good idea to bring a support person to your consultation but please limit this to one person as our waiting space is restricted. During your visit you will be first assessed by our orthoptists and dialating drops will be instilled in your eyes before seeing the doctor.

The cataract assessment is a thorough eye examination and several tests necessary to prepare you for cataract surgery. The assessment is painless and involves:

  • History
  • Distance vision unaided and aided
  • Near VA unaided
  • Eye dominance
  • IOL Master – ultrasound to measure the exact power and shape of your eye
  • OPD – auto refractor and corneal topography
  • Pentacam
  • OPTOS Widefield Imaging – taking a photo of the back of your eye
  • OCT
  • IOP