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Known-gap and no-gap surgery available

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Premium Intraocular Lenses:

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Dr Jay Yohendran | Cataract Surgeon  

I am a comprehensive ophthalmic surgeon specialising in refractive cataract surgery. I am one of the most experienced cataract surgeons in Australia and have performed over 5,000 cataract surgeries.

I consult privately at Northern Sydney Cataract | Retina | Vitreous | Oculoplastics at Northbridge and perform the surgical procedures at Chatswood Private Hospital. I graduated with Honours from the University of Sydney Medical School in 2001, and was awarded the Claffy Prize in Ophthalmology. Prior to this I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science degree at Sydney University, and later a Masters of Public Health at NSW University. Learn more

What is catarat

Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. When we look at something, light rays travel into our eye through the pupil and are focused through the lens onto the retina, a layer of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye. The lens must be clear in order to focus light properly onto the retina. If the lens has become cloudy, this is called a cataractLearn more…

Cataract assessment

The cataract assessment is a thorough eye examination. Read more

Cataract surgery

Removal of a cataract is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in Australia. It has a high rate of success due to the modern methods used. If the rest of the eye is healthy, the likelihood is that cataract surgery will restore good vision. I perform over 750 cataract operations per year. Learn more…

Dr Jay Yohendran consults privately at Northern Sydney Cataract | Retina | Vitreous | Oculoplastics at NORTHBRIDGE. To find out more about cataract surgery  please phone 02 9958 0552 or enquire online.

Cataract surgery costs

We offer KNOWN-GAP to suitably non-pensioners and NO GAP to suitably insured pensioners, call us if you would like more information.

View videos with Dr Jay Yohendran

What is cataract? Watch the video

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What are the risks? Watch the video

Laser assisted surgery Watch the video

I have glaucoma and cataract  Watch the video

Will I need glasses? Watch the video

Watch Dr Yohendran performing the cataract surgery Watch the video

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Can I get Medicare Rebate for cataract surgery?
Yes. Medicare does provide a rebate for eligible patients. This will be discussed further, during your consultation.
What is the cost of cataract surgery?
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How long does the cataract surgery take?
The surgery will take approximately 30 minutes, however there is also preparation and recovery time for your surgery so generally, you will spend two to three hours at the hospital on the day.

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